Part of Your Team

We roll up our sleeves and work with passionate founders, building tech-driven, foundationally strong and predictably growing businesses. We are founders ourselves who love to learn, innovate, and bring our first hand experience of what it takes to succeed. We are addicted to helping other exceptional leaders do the same.

A Different Consultancy

Hands on

We are not consultants interested in telling you what you should do. We are operators at heart. We want to be a part of the team, building together, and then testing what we build to make sure it works. As team players, we do not create dependency, instead setting the stage for those that come after us to be successful.

Founder’s Experience

As founders ourselves, we have learned as much from our successes as our failures. We are deeply familiar with the unique challenges of a new company or a new organization. We balance the long term vision with the importance of meeting interim milestones in hyper constrained environments.

Cross Functional

We believe that functions within a company are more like systems of a body than independent departments. When healthy, the functions/systems work together to create magic. We use cross functional teams and collective wisdom to create lasting solutions.

Preserving your Equity

BLDG is in the business of creating wins. Our relationships are structured to deliver high value work that propels our clients’ businesses forward, conserving their capital and maximizing returns.


Revenue Operations

Bringing Go-to-Market teams together to create predictable revenue growth.

Rev Ops

Create new Rev Ops process and tools and build the foundation for full time Rev Ops team.

Revenue Lifecycle
Data Integration

Build Dashboards that track KPI’s for revenue tracking and forecasting.

Data Compliance & Governance

Create processes for data tracking compliance and required incentive structures.

Dynamic Revenue Planning

Inter-year revenue forecasting, “Gap Analysis” and strategic game planning to make up Gaps.


Build leadership cadences that unify GTM teams (Sales, Marketing, Partners, RevOps).

Revenue Tool Enablement

Revenue Tool Evaluation/Set Up/Integration/Administration for CRM, Marketing Automation Software, Customer Success Software.

Executive Meeting Preparation

Build Dashboards for QBR’s, Board Meetings and other key Executive Meetings.

Annual Revenue Forecasting

Help develop annual operating and Board revenue projections aligning marketing, sales and customer succes.

Interdisciplinary Approach

For the price of one FTE, BLDG provides access to our cross functional skills and learned and earned wisdom necessary to tackle the hardest problems.

Sales & GTM

BLDG helps create go-to-market engines that drive repeatable and predictable revenue.  If you are a young company starting up an outside sales organization for the first time, or an established company looking to enter a new market, BLDG can help.


BLDG believes operations provide the foundation for every successful function inside an organization.  The BLDG team can support the creation of net new or expansion of existing operations teams in sales, marketing, partners, product, success, services or finance.


For product oriented companies choosing what to build, who to build it for and when to build becomes paramount.  BLDG’s product group supports our Clients at all phases of the product life cycle.


With an onshore and nearshore presence, BLDG has full stack developers to help round out your R&D organization.


We can extend any Creative team, jumping in to help with UI/UX, Visual Design, and Branding.

Client Sucess

The BLDG Team supports Client Success Organizations of all sizes covering Client Satisfaction, Renewals, Upsells and Expansions.

Building Together

BLDG works as part of your team, rounding out the roles you need without any ego or politicking. We will be there, flexibly, for as long as you need us, and will make sure we set the stage for full time team members that come after us.