Harry Beck


Founder and Partner at BLDG, Harry is a seasoned B2B SaaS investor, entrepreneur and operator with a background in building and growing startups with exits to both strategic and private equity buyers. Harry has first hand experience in strategic planning, operations management, revenue leadership and corporate governance. He has consistently delivered impressive results achieving exits with four previous startups, most recently with the acquisition of CAKE Software, Inc. to private equity group, Constellation Software, Inc. After the CAKE acquisition, Harry spent an additional 4 years helping acquire, integrate and operate companies for the Perseus Operating Group at Constellation Software, Inc.

Beyond the tech world, Harry finds joy in family time, exploring Southern California’s diverse activities with his wife and three sons, engaging in pursuits such as hiking, surfing, basketball, water polo, and golf. Harry holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business and an International MBA from Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business in Kingston, Ontario.