Jim Robertson


Jim Robertson is a highly accomplished Data Science Leader who has successfully created centers of excellence for analytics and driven strategic decision-making. With a strong background in finance and a cross-functional approach, Jim has led finance and decision analysis teams to establish three separate centers of excellence for analytics across three different 4 year runs. In setting up these centers Jim designs effective data structures, and drives impactful business decisions with a strategic mindset. Each time he has driven growing organizations to establish a world-class financial planning capability, implement a BI tool stack for cutting edge real time analytics and create a predictive analytics practice to model key drivers of growth. Jim has consistently delivered results and made lasting impacts on the organizations he has worked with. 

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found and serve as the CEO of NO DECAF ALLOWED, a subscription coffee service. Using data science techniques, he curated coffee selections and created a business that resembled the likes of Netflix and Stitch Fix for coffee. The business won the UCI New Venture Competition and grew steadily eventually, selling to MoonGoat Coffee Roasters in Costa Mesa. Jim also co-founded and remains an active partner in VFL, a technology enabled freight brokerage to service the fresh produce industry with reliable access to refrigerated trucks. He holds an MBA from The University of California – Irvine, a MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern and a BS in Mathematics & Physics From the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Previously he volunteered on the Young Professionals Board for Junior Achievement – Orange County and is passionate about spreading financial literacy.