Sean Crafts

Managing Partner

Sean is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of Mavenlink (now Kantata), with a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful company. He played a pivotal role in Mavenlink’s growth, contributing to its impressive revenue increase from $0 to nearly $100 million per year and the eventual sale of Mavenlink in 2021. Sean has firsthand experience and domain expertise in creating the Marketing, Sales, Legal, Support, Success and Strategy teams, all of which he started at Mavenlink.  As Mavenlink grew, leading large teams in roles of Chief Growth Officer, Chief Client Officer, and Chief Marketing officer, Sean built his love of creating great cultures, fostering innovation, and creating rewarding careers within the startup and entrepreneurial landscape.

Before Mavenlink, Sean was one of the first 10 employees at a Natural Language Processing startup out of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab.  Serving in Corporate Development, Sales, Marketing, and Alliances roles at Answerfriend, which later became InQuira, and as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Sean helped navigate the transition from NLP to Knowledge Management and the eventual successful sale of InQuira to Oracle.

Currently serving as the Co-Founder and CEO of BLDG, Sean leads a team that has developed an ecosystem and playbook for building startups that consistently outperform the market. With a hands-on approach, they collaborate closely with passionate founders, leveraging their expertise to build tech-driven, strong, and predictably successful businesses.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sean cherishes time with his wife and five children, embracing the abundance of recreational opportunities in Southern California, including surfing, golfing, and mountain biking.

At BLDG, Sean’s involvement spans two key areas. In BLDG Studio, he works alongside a talented and proven team to establish a startup-creation engine, leveraging historical experience and constantly incorporating new techniques to generate 3-5 valuable and meaningful organizations each year. Additionally, through BLDG Consulting, Sean provides guidance to passionate founders, drawing from his experience in growing companies from their inception to established successes. His expertise extends across multiple domains, including strategy, revenue operations, sales, marketing, customer success, and R&D.

Sean’s skill set encompasses entrepreneurship, innovation, creative problem-solving, operations management, business innovation, strategy, and leadership.  Above all else, Sean focuses on people-centric problem solving to help others create successes for entire teams.